Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My New Favorite Cal Ripken, Jr. Card

1998 Kenner Starting Lineup
Cal Ripken, Jr. PSA 10
Sale Price: $36.58
1915 E106 American Caramel
Ty Cobb SGC 60
Sale Price: $14,770

I recently won a 1998 Kenner Starting Lineup PSA 10 card on eBay and I have to say it is my new favorite card.  It reminds me of a Ty Cobb card from long ago.  The Cobb card has been cited as a favorite by many due to his "boyish" pose and I would have to agree.  This Ty Cobb sold for a hefty $14,770 several years ago at auction.  I was able to acquire mine for a paltry $36.58.  I'd say that was a pretty good deal!