Tuesday, June 21, 2011

1983 Wichita Eagle-Beacon Card Checklist Part #3

I reviewed 3 more reels of microfilm on Sunday.  I hit the jackpot with this viewing.  I found two major league baseball players, HOFer George Brett and Kansas City Royal's great Willie Wilson.  Here is part #3 of the 1983 Wichita Eagle-Beacon Card Checklist:

1975 Topps Mini #228
George Brett PSA 9 RC
George Brett - Professional Baseball Player
Tony Peszneker - Soccer Player
Jeff Bourne - Soccer Player

Jim Spring - College Baseball Player
Gregg Willin - Soccer Player
John Cutbush - Soccer Player

Tom Wieghaus - Minor League Baseball Player
Wallace Johnson - Minor League Baseball Player
Per Roentved - Soccer Player

Willie Wilson - Professional Baseball Player
Terry Nicholl - Soccer Player
Steve Westbrook - Soccer Player

Greg LaFever - College Baseball Player
Jim O'Neill - Soccer Player
Cliff Brown - Soccer Player

Frank Rasmussen - Soccer Player
Mike Powers - Soccer Player
Ray Vigliotti - Soccer Player

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