Saturday, September 1, 2012

1985 Wichita Eagle-Beacon Card Checklist Part #5

This update contains a few Hall-of-Fame players: Charles Barkley (Basketball HOF 2006), Kevin McHale (Basketball HOF 1999), Robert Parish (Basketball HOF 2003), and Cal Ripken, Jr. (Baseball HOF 2007).  The Charles Barkley pre-dates his 1986 Fleer rookie card by one year.  It also contained well-known professional basketball players Danny Ainge and Maurice Cheeks. It will only be a few months until this list is complete.

1984-85 Star Court Kings 5x7 #41
Charles Barkley BGS 9.5
[PSA will not grade Star Basketball]
Mickey Fox - College Baseball Player
Ed Ketley - College Baseball Player
Brian Allen - College Baseball Player

Dale Berra - Professional Baseball Player
Cal Ripken, Jr. - Professional Baseball Player
Ron Guidry - Professional Baseball Player

Robert Parish - Professional Basketball Player
Kevin McHale - Professional Basketball Player
Danny Ainge - Professional Basketball Player

Maurice Cheeks - Professional Basketball Player
Charles Barkley - Professional Basketball Player
Andrew Toney - Professional Basketball Player

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