Here are some comments I've gotten about the site:

David Bender writes:
I love what you are doing to catalog the Wichita Eagle-Beacon cards and hopefully get them into the SCD.  Question, are you keeping screenshots or images of the cards as you view the microfilm?   If so I would really appreciate an image from 6/27/83 - Stennett, Quisenberry, and Hendrick.

Please let me know if I can help in your quest somehow.  Thanks!
Answer: I haven't been taking images of the cards since the microfilm reader is extremely difficult to get photocopies on.

Stephen Schauer writes:
Hello I found your blog researching my own blog and found it great you are checklisting the set.  I've been trying to complete this checklist and the 84, 85 off and on for a year or 2.  I had also tried an interlibrary loan for the microfilm but could never get my library to help with it so it went on the back burner.  But when finished I'd like to highlight the set on my blog and just to get the word out.  I do hope it will get cataloged by the big boys and included in the big books on [sic] day.

Just wanted to say keep up the good work there are otehrs [sic] out there that do love this stuff also.