82ftestripkenford 18833362
1982 Fleer Test Card
PSA Authentic
90dbluewhitetest 18833363 back
1990 Donruss Blue/White
Test Issue Reverse
PSA Authentic
I received my PSA Authenticated Test Cards in the mail today. Both 1982 Fleer Test Cards were labeled correctly. The 1990 Donruss Blue/White Test Issue was also labeled properly and was correctly placed in the holder with Ripken on the back since he is on the "White" side. They look really nice. I'm thankful they didn't use mylar sleeves on the 1982 Fleer Test Cards. I thought they might since they were cut from a sheet and the "Ripken only" card looks almost diamond-cut. All in all, it was good to move the 1982 Fleer Test Cards from SGC Authentic to PSA Authentic. BGS does grade them, but I wanted uniformity in my collection. Plus I never plan to sell them. I have added them to my "Top 10 Showcase" on the PSA website. The front of the 1990 Donruss Blue/White Test Issue is José DeLeón.

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