While searching eBay, I found a whole slew of 1990 Donruss Blue/White Test cards as well as 1990 Donruss Aqueous cards. However, I also found a new test card that is a hybrid of both the Blue/White and Aqueous cards. These cards are currently not cataloged anywhere and feature a glossy red front and a non-glossy red back. This is similar to the Aqueous cards in that the front is red and glossy, but they are also similar to the Blue/White cards since they feature a player on both sides with one side glossy and the other side non-glossy. I have cataloged all the cards I could find on eBay in this checklist. These test cards appear to cover roughly #350-400 in the set.

Here is an example:

90d red red test lefferts
1990 Donruss Red/Red Test Cards
Front [Glossy]
90d red red test griffey
1990 Donruss Red/Red Test Cards
Back [Non-Glossy]

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0 # Roxy Melz 2020-12-29 01:36

I have the reverse of this card. -- Griffey (front)/Lefferts on back. I have been collecting errors, etc. for quite some time. I have many of the miscut dual fronts but only one of the complete front/back. I have no recollection when or how I got it. Nonetheless, it wasn't until this past week, that I learned about the red/red test. Thanks and take care!
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