Here is the email I sent Don Fluckinger about including the 1983 Wichita Eagle-Beacon set in the SCD:

My name is Kevin O'Connor and I would like to share some research I am doing with you.  I am reviewing the microfilm from the Wichita Historical Society for the 1983 Wichita Eagle-Beacon newspaper card set.  You can view the status of my checklists here and then click the link for the 1983 set.  The library I am getting the microfilm from will only send me 3 rolls at a time so it will take a bit of time to complete.  I would really like to get this into the next edition of the SCD if possible.  There are many notable stars in this set: Cal Ripken, Jr., Steve Carlton, Wayne Gretzky, George Brett, Moses Malone, and Nolan Ryan.  I am also going to be creating checklists for the 1984 and 1985 sets as well.  The 1984 set features a college "card" of Michael Jordan.  Please let me know what other information is required to get these cards in the guide.

Kevin O'Connor

I received an email from Bob Lemke this morning, July 17th, directing me to someone else who might be able to get the checklist printed in the SCD:

Hello Kevin,

Thanks for contacting Don Fluckinger about your checklisting of the Wichita Eagle-Beacon "cards." I'm been editing the vintage sections of the Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards for the past few years.

As of now, there is nobody assigned to updating post-1980 issues for the catalog database.

It's possible, though, the SCD editor Tom Bartsch might be interested in printing your checklists in the print edition of SCD. You can contact him at tom dot bartsch at fwmedia dot com.

Bob Lemke

I sent an email to Tom Bartsch on July 17th.  Hopefully, he will send a response!

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