nolan ryan newspaper photo
1968 Nolan Ryan Sporting News
Production Art

I went through another 3 rolls of microfilm today from the Wichita Historical Society. I uncovered several good finds in the 1983 Wichita Eagle-Beacon set. There were several professional baseball players, including some HOFers: Willie Aikens, Steve Carlton (HOF 1994), Larry Gura, George Hendrick, Dennis Leonard, Hal McRae, Al Newman, Dan Quisenberry, Nolan Ryan (HOF 1999), Mike Stenhouse, and Rennie Stennett. There was one professional basketball player: Moses Malone (HOF 2001). There was one professional hockey player: Wayne Gretzky (HOF 1999).

Here is the complete list from today:

Al Newman - Minor League Baseball Player
Frank Schulte - College Baseball Player
Hal McRae - Professional Baseball Player


wayne gretzky
1979 O-Pee-Chee #18
Wayne Gretzky PSA 10 RC
Sale Price: $94,163 [5/1/2011]
Jim Daniel - College Baseball Player

Rick Wrona - College Baseball Player
Tim Gaskell - College Baseball Player
Mark Grogan - College Baseball Player

Pat Rooney - Minor League Baseball Player
Mike Gates - Minor League Baseball Player
Mike Stenhouse - Minor League Baseball Player

Moses Malone - Professional Basketball Player
Steve Carlton - Professional Baseball Player
Wayne Gretzky - Professional Hockey Player

Mike Fuentes - Minor League Baseball Player
Willie Aikens - Professional Baseball Player
Nolan Ryan - Professional Baseball Player

Rennie Stennett - Minor League Baseball Player
Dan Quisenberry - Professional Baseball Player
George Hendrick - Professional Baseball Player


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