Today I went through my next 3 rolls of microfilm for the 1983 Wichita Eagle-Beacon. Several notable players are included in this week's checklist such as: Maurice Cheeks, Antoine Carr, and Thurl Bailey. Here is the checklist for 2/16/1983 - 3/31/1983:

thurl bailey
1992 Stadium Club
Member's Only #78
Thurl Bailey PSA 10

Dave Hoppen - College Basketball Player
Steve Copenhaver - College Football Player
Paul Schuler - High School Coach

Maurice Cheeks - Professional Basketball Player
Don Brubacher - College Basketball Coach
Teddy Nelson - High School Wrestler

Antoine Carr - College Basketball Player
Dave McClure - College Baseball Player
Ron Razz - College Football Player

Thurl Bailey - College Basketball Player
Paul Steele - College Basketball Player
Mario Pyles - High School Cross Country Track / Wrestler

Scott Scrogin - High School Basketball Player
Rege Klitzke - College Basketball Player
Armon Gilliam - College Basketball Player

3/28/1983 - 3-player spotlight is now known as "Bubblegum-less Cards"
Loren Hibbs - College Baseball Player
Russ Morman - College Baseball Player
Larry Floyd - Professional CHL Hockey Player

This week marks the first time in the newspaper that the cards are marked as "bubblegum-less" and "clip-out". The following is written underneath the cards in the 3/28/1983 newspaper:

MondaySports has introduced a new weekly feature - clip-out "bubblegum-less cards" with information about state and local sports celebrities. Sports fans are invited to nominate their favorites for inclusion in the feature.

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