Today I went through the first 3 rolls of microfilm for the 1983 Wichita Eagle-Beacon newspaper cards. It appears the cards weren't advertised as "bubblegum-less" and "clip and save" until later in the year. There also weren't any notable players, with the exception of Xavier McDaniel who went on to play in the NBA. Here is the checklist for 1/1/1983 - 2/15/1983:

1986 87 Fleer 72 McDaniel PSA 10
1986 Fleer #72
Xavier McDaniel PSA 10 RC

Ernest Patterson - College Basketball Player
Mike Farmer - College Basketball Player
Turner Gill - College Football Player

Rich Falk - College Basketball Coach
Gregg Schmidt - College Football Coach
Cory Koch - High School Basketball Player

Karl Kliewer - College Basketball Player
Lisa Hodgson - College Women's Basketball Player
Mike Bonczyk - High School Basketball Coach

Jenny Vogts - College Women's Basketball Player
Dick Schumacher - High School Basketball Dean of Coaches
Rod Foster - College Football Player

Steve Stipanovich - College Basketball Player
Ron Meyer - High School Basketball Player
Eddie Smith - College Basketball Player

Dean Smith - College Basketball Coach
Gary Carrier - College Basketball Player
Xavier McDaniel - College Basketball Player

Barry Stevens - College Basketball Player
Troy Weeks - College Wrestler
Les Miller - High School Wrestler/Football Player

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