I got my next set of microfilm in lightning speed this time around. There was pretty much nothing of interest in this update with the exception of Hockey Hall of Fame player Mike Bossy (Hockey HOF 1991) and Lance Parrish from the Detroit Tigers. Overall, there were a number of unknown players, coaches, and college sports in this update.

mike bossy
1978-79 O-Pee-Chee #115
Mike Bossy BGS 9.5 RC

Lance Parrish - Professional Baseball Player
Michael "Mike" Bossy - Professional Hockey Player
Nathaniel Hayes- College Football Player

Lee Cornwell - Soccer Player
Rene Bumgarner - College Track and Field
Darnell Valentine - Professional Basketball Player

Tyrone Jackson - College Basketball Player
Calvin Thompson - College Basketball Player
Gene Smithson - College Basketball Coach

Gary Spani - Professional Football Player
Phil Jackson Ford - Professional Basketball Player
Roberto Saad - College Tennis Player

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