Here is the latest installment to the 1984 Wichita Eagle-Beacon checklist. This grouping appears to follow a pattern of Professional Baseball Player, Soccer Player, and Minor League Baseball Player. There was only one Hall of Fame player in this group: Goose Gossage (Baseball HOF 2008).

goose gossage
1973 O-Pee-Chee #174
Rich "Goose" Gossage PSA 9 RC

Pete Rose - Professional Baseball Player
Ty Keough - Soccer Player
Gene Dusan - Minor League Baseball Player

Curtis Heidenreich - Minor League Baseball Player
Helmut Dudek - Soccer Player
John Candelaria - Professional Baseball Player

Batata - Soccer Player
Skeeter Barnes - Minor League Baseball Player
Goose Gossage - Professional Baseball Player

Dave Van Gorder - Minor League Baseball Player
Mark Liveric - Soccer Player
Dave Kingman - Professional Baseball Player

Sam Bick - Soccer Player
Bernard King - Professional Basketball Player
Brad Lesley - Minor League Baseball Player

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