Here is a the latest update to the 1984 Wichita Eagle-Beacon checklist. The highlights include Eric Davis on the Wichita Aeros, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Basketball HOF 1995), and Tom Kite (Golf HOF 2004). I also uncovered the strangest names yet with the soccer players Zeee Kapka and Tasso Koutsoukos.

tom kite
Tom Kite
PSA/DNA Authenticated
Autographed 8x10 Photo

Larry Brown - College Basketball Coach
Tom Kite - Professional Golfer
Marcus Dupree - USFL Football Player

Loren Hibbs - College Baseball Player
Bobby Knight - College Basketball Coach
Dennis Mepham - Soccer Player

Jim Daniel - College Baseball Player
Zeee Kapka - Soccer Player
Sandy Sadler - College Tennis Player - Woman

Eric Davis - Minor League Baseball Player
Tasso Koutsoukos - Soccer Player
Kareem Abdul-Jabber - Professional Basketball Player

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