I only have 3 more rolls of microfilm to review before this checklist is complete. Today's addition contains the following highlights: baseball Hall-of-Famers Johnny Bench (HOF 1989), Gaylord Perry (HOF 1991), Carl Yastrzemski (HOF 1989), and football Hall-of-Famer Franco Harris (HOF 1990). It also contains Pete Rose who should be in the Hall of Fame, but isn't.

johnny bench
Johnny Bench 1969 Reds
Off-Season Basketball League Polaroid

Johnny Bench - Professional Baseball Player
Carl Yastrzemski - Professional Baseball Player
Gaylord Perry - Professional Baseball Player

Don Dreher - College Football Player
Franco Harris - Professional Football Player
Ken Anderson - Professional Football Player

Pete Rose - Professional Baseball Player
Rueben Eckels - College Football Player
Mike Rozier - College Football Player

Rick Dempsey - Professional Baseball Player
Tyrone Mitchell - College Football Player
Turner Gill - College Football Player

Mary Deck - Distance Runner
Eric Denson - College Football Player
Marion Adler - College Football Player

Lynette Woodard - College Basketball Player - Woman
Sam Bowie - College Basketball Player
John Denny - Professional Baseball Player

Cliff Levingston - Professional Basketball Player
Roy Turner - Soccer Coach
Greg Drelling - College Basketball Player

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