I am in the final stretch of being done with cataloging the Wichita Eagle-Beacon cards. The series ends sometime in 1985. Today's update includes some Hall of Fame baseball and football icons: Carl Eller (Football HOF 2004), Catfish Hunter (Baseball HOF 1987), Al Kaline (Baseball HOF 1980), Willie Lanier (Football HOF 1986), John Madden (Football HOF 2006), and Stan Musial (Baseball HOF 1969). John Madden is actually more widely known as a color commentator and video game franchise than he is for the coaching he did at the Oakland Raiders.

stan musial
1948 Bowman #36
Stam Musial PSA 7 RC

Willie Lanier - Professional Football Player
Carl Eller - Professional Football Player
John Madden - Professional Football Coach

Al Kaline - Professional Baseball Player
Stan Musial - Professional Baseball Player
Catfish Hunter - Professional Baseball Player

Brad Dickens - College Football Player
Paul Spencer - College Football Player
Ted Barney - College Football Player

Joe Wright - College Basketball Player
Mark Bohm - College Basketball Player
Ben Mitchell - College Basketball Player


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