Here is the first installment for the 1985 Wichita Eagle-Beacon series. There were basketball, football, golf, soccer, tennis, and volleyball players in this update. A little something for everybody. The Wichita Eagle-Beacon is anything but boring. There were four players in the Hall of Fame: Seve Ballesteros (Golf HOF 1999), Fred Biletnikoff (Football HOF 1988), Buck Buchanan (Football HOF 1990), and Ivan Lendl (Tennis HOF 2001).

buck buchanan
1964 Topps #92
Buck Buchanan PSA 9 RC

Seve Ballesteros - Professional Golfer
Ivan Lendl - Professional Tennis Player
Dennis Schumacher - College Basketball Player

Lois Neises - College Basketball Player - Woman
Pam Berg - College Volleyball Player - Woman
Barb Raush - College Basketball Player - Woman

Fred Biletnikoff - Professional Football Player
Buck Buchanan - Professional Football Player
Erik Rasmussen - Soccer Player

Dan Lier - College Basketball Player
Raymond Lee - College Basketball Player
Edgar Eason - College Basketball Player

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