The final post for the 1984 set is here! This post doesn't have any professional athletes from baseball, basketball, football, or hockey. Instead we have professional tennis players, Olympic athletes, and college basketball players. All of the tennis players are in the International Tennis Hall of Fame: Jimmy Conners (HOF 1998), John McEnroe (HOF 1999), and Guillermo Vilas (HOF 1991).

jimmy connors
1979 Venorlandus #44
Jimmy Connors SGC 98

Tamara McKinney - Skier
Tiffany Chin - Figure Skater
Debbie Armstrong - Skier

Guillermo Vilas - Professional Tennis Player
Jimmy Connors - Professional Tennis Player
John McEnroe - Professional Tennis Player

Mark Turgeon - College Basketball Player
Ron Kellogg - College Basketball Player
Mark Pellock - College Basketball Player

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