Recently, a colleague told me a very interesting story about his son and some fantastic luck. His son is an avid Lego collector and Rube Goldberg machine aficionado. For those who don’t know, Rube Goldberg machines are the kind where a row of dominoes might knock into a marble and the marble rolls into a cup and so on. There have been some very interesting Rube Goldberg machines on YouTube and I suggest you take a moment and watch some of them in action. They can be quite impressive. This type of activity requires great attention to detail and that translates very well into building Lego structures.

One day, this young man and his father went to the toy store and purchased a Lego pack that contained a single figure for about $3. This is where it gets interesting. He opened up the pack and found a very rare figure called “Mr. Gold”. “Mr. Gold” is limited to 5000 pieces. I never realized this, but Lego collectors are apparently a very intense bunch and when they want something, they will pay dearly for it. With high hopes, they put the figure on eBay with a starting bid of $500 and ended up netting $560 on a $3 purchase! This is quite a feat for a kid! My hat's off to you along with well-deserved bragging rights.

Here is a picture of the “Mr. Gold” figure this young man found:

mr gold1
mr gold
Mr. Gold Lego Figure #4950/5000

Just so this post has something to do with Cal Ripken, Jr., here is a Ripken custom Lego figure for your enjoyment:

ripken lego
Cal Ripken, Jr. Custom Lego Figure


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