1998 Finest Refractor #135
Cal Ripken, Jr. PSA 10
Mechanical Error

I recently purchased what I thought to be a 1997 Finest Refractor #135 Cal Ripken, Jr. PSA 10 only to realize that it was actually a 1998 Finest Refractor #135 PSA 10 mechanical error.  PSA allows you send back the mechanical errors to have the flips reprinted with the correct information and they pay the shipping.  I'll just send it in with some others I already have.  The great thing though is my auction ended for $20.50 on a $40.00 Beckett book value card.  I thought that was pretty good.  For some reason, I thought it would be interesting to see if another properly labeled 1998 Finest Refractor #135 PSA 10 had sold recently.  As it turned out, one had closed recently for a Best Offer of $79.99!  So I guess I got a pretty good deal.  So I kept looking.  I noticed a 1994 Finest Refractor #235 PSA 10 recently sold for a Best Offer of $350.00.  I looked back in my database and realized I purchased mine for $70.26 in an auction!  Another great deal!  I guess I may be selling with Buy-It-Nows and Best Offers from now on!

Incorrect Label
Correct Label

I have seen eBay auctions for this card touting it as the limited, hand-numbered version from the Pacific Invincible Cramer's Choice Gold set. These cards are incorrectly labeled (mechanical errors) by PSA. Unless they are hand-numbered on the back, they are from the regular Pacific Cramer's Choice set. Mine was incorrectly labeled as the limited version. I sent it to PSA for correction and the updated label can be seen in this post. The poor soul that purchased the card to the right on eBay spent $130 for a card that isn't even what he or she thought it was.

Status: Expensive PSA Mechanical Error





1998 Kenner Starting Lineup
Cal Ripken, Jr. PSA 10
Sale Price: $36.58
1915 E106 American Caramel
Ty Cobb SGC 60
Sale Price: $14,770

I recently won a 1998 Kenner Starting Lineup PSA 10 card on eBay and I have to say it is my new favorite card. It reminds me of a Ty Cobb card from long ago. The Cobb card has been cited as a favorite by many due to his "boyish" pose and I would have to agree. This Ty Cobb sold for a hefty $14,770 several years ago at auction. I was able to acquire mine for a paltry $36.58. I'd say that was a pretty good deal!