ripken cramers
Incorrect Label
98PacificCramersChoice3 30980300
Correct Label

I have seen eBay auctions for this card touting it as the limited, hand-numbered version from the Pacific Invincible Cramer's Choice Gold set. These cards are incorrectly labeled (mechanical errors) by PSA. Unless they are hand-numbered on the back, they are from the regular Pacific Cramer's Choice set. Mine was incorrectly labeled as the limited version. I sent it to PSA for correction and the updated label can be seen in this post. The poor soul that purchased the card to the right on eBay spent $130 for a card that isn't even what he or she thought it was.

Status: Expensive PSA Mechanical Error

98PacificInvincibleCramersChoiceDarkBlue3 11786419 back



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