There are several Major League Baseball or Major League Baseball Players Association authorized sets Cal Ripken, Jr. is in that aren't listed in any price guides.  As long as either Major League Baseball or the Players Association authorizes the cards, they are eligible for listing in the price guides, provided there is at least a checklist of the cards.  In an attempt to get new sets listed in the Beckett annual price guide, I am attempting to catalog them myself.  The following is a list of the uncatalogued card checklists I'm currently compiling:

Currently Compiling:
Cal Ripken, Jr. cards PSA won't grade or authenticate

Complete Checklists:
1983-85 Wichita Eagle-Beacon Bubblegum-less Cards
1990 Donruss Blue/White Test Cards [Possibly Incomplete]
1990 Donruss Red/Red Test Cards [Possibly Incomplete]
1997 Score Board Talk 'N Sports Phone Cards $1000 Samples

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